Do you find it difficult to remember people’s names or the details of your last conversation? You’re not alone! It seems like every day we are inundated with information, and our brains struggle to keep up. There are many ways to improve your memory;


Here are 8 exercises that can help.

1. Keep a journal with all the things you need to remember throughout your day (including things like groceries)

2. Create a list for tasks or errands and prioritize them in order

3. Memorize important dates such as birthdays

4. Memorize one new word per day

5. Use mnemonic devices such as rhymes or acronyms

6. Take breaks when studying

7. Make a list of what you ate for lunch today and how much time has passed since you last ate

8. Put sticky notes on objects in your home those need attention (such as a cabinet with no dishes or an overflowing trash bin)